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People, Planet & Profit

Grow the Good is an Impact Start-Up designed to help organizitions fast-track the Sustainabile Development Goals that recognize society as the key stakeholder and the ecosystem the customer. Sustainabilty is now an existential imperative and the DNA of successful business moving forward.

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Partnerships & Purpose

Sustainability is about purpose driven leadership putting the things that matter most at the heart of value creation. A sustainable future is one defined by a win win culture of open innovation and collaboration. Leadership is a Partnership, call us to find out how we can help your organization fast track the jobs people want and the planet needs.

Be A Purpose Driven Organization

…and outperform the stock market by 42%

Employee Experience More Important Than Ever!

How are your people doing? Forget the annual survey. The Award Winning AI Platform Winningtemp promotes performance & well-being and is the new standard.

Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Innovation

Understand. Collaborate. Innovate. Basadurs Simplexity Thinking is self awareness, empathy and insight to solve problems and improve relations.

The Benefits of The Outside-In Culture 

Big Data vs Smart Data is where MindSuite Metrics comes in. Results are as good as the alignment and understanding of facts related to performance and well being.

The Power of Partnering

NY Times Best Seller, Tribal Possibilities integrates human metrics to create new possibilities that change lives, optimize organizations, transform communities and elevate our world.

Giving Back & Paying Forward

We are a team of proven business professionals, leaders and educators from the private and public sectors on a mission to share insights and best practices that deliver positive outcomes for as many people as possible.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Prince of Wales Sustainable Markets Initiative aims to lead and accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable future by putting Nature, People and Planet at the heart of global value creation.

In sustainable markets, the economy operates in favour of people and planet while contributing to growth and prosperity. The brilliant new ‘Terra Carta’ was created to harness the precious, irreplaceable power of Nature combined with the transformative innovation and resources of the private sector.

 The Sustainable Markets Initiative

The Terra Carta is a 10 Point Plan and Roadmap to a better future. Choosing Sustainability does not require us to sacrifice profit but asks us to broaden our assessment of capital and its value while exploring how to optimise for global future benefit. We need a Sustainability Revolution, rooted in purposeful capitalism and sustainable markets. And we need it now.

Leadership is a Partnership

Helping Canada reach its Sustainable Development Goals is a priority and it won’t happen without partnering with others that have proven products and services. Speed and quality are critical to success.

Sweden is #1 in the world according to the SDG Index as recognized in the Sustainable Development Report 2020. Canada is ranked as #21. There is opportunity for a great partnership.

Canada adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to help address some of the most pressing issues facing the world. One of the key objectives of Canada’s approach include Partnerships between public, private and government stakeholders to ensure that feedback is provided to continue to develop Canada’s national strategy.

We aim to Fast Track that partnership.

A model where public meets private, Sweden is characterised by high taxes and a strong public sector. But it is also a country with a historically strong, internationally competitive economy, where businesses are born and flourish.

Returning to Hamilton, Ontario after living more than 30 years in Sweden Adam has teamed up with subject matter experts in human sciences and renewable technologies.

Together with the Swedish Canadian Chamber of Commerce we have started Fast Track to accelerate positive change.

“Canada’s energy future will depend on us working together to meet the challenges and share the opportunities of this clean growth future”

Seamus O’Regan

Minister of Natural Resources Canada

Recognized sustainability leaders and members of the chamber:

Want to know how a small country like Sweden became a world leader in cleantech?

Link to book about Sweden and Business Swedens report.

Canadas Roadmap to Recovery

A report from Business Sweden – Canada’s Green Transformation The shift to a sustainable future

Sweden – a country less ordinary

The book paints a picture of a nation that’s driven by innovation and leads the way in equality and sustainability. The book is part of the Swedish Institute’s efforts to communicate Sweden to the world.

If Not You Then Who?


It took only 200 years for world population to grow from one to almost 8 billion! That’s mind numbing speed and complexity for the best equipped and down right devastating for those on the sidelines. Simple solutions are the opposite of easy!

We’re on a mission to share what works and what doesn’t to create context for quality of life. Our solutions are designed to help more people thrive.

We can’t slow down the pace of change but we can help you own the impact it has on the world in your charge.

Matthew T Taylor, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

“Adam is a thoughtful and brilliant strategist. He was personally responsible for refocusing and revitalizing the profitability & performance of one of our largest business segments. He is a leader and thrives under pressure. He develops talent. I personally observed Adam develop innovative market strategies, delineate customer and project specific tactics, and hold his team motivated & accountable.”


Behrang Karimi, Global eBusiness Manager, SKF Group AB

“Adam has the ability to break down complex scenarios and make sure goals are met rapidly even in large organizations like ours. He is true leader with a great ability to motivate others, make them feel like they are in the centre but at the same time always focus on the goals and make sure high expectations are met through collective contribution. Adam is without doubt the best leader I have met in my life”


Agneta Johansson, VP & HR Manager, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies AB, Stockholm, Sweden

“Adams leadership in good times and bad, his positive attitude to change and his way of dealing with problems make him unique as a leader. He always listened to me and made me feel important. He listens but is not afraid to take a decision”


Hamilton Marques, VP Zatkoff Seals & Packings, Detroit, Michigan

“Working with Adam were the most fruitful years of my career in terms of learning how to be a leader.  His cultural awareness, passion to succeed, creativity even in difficult times, and leadership skills are some of the elements that make him unique. While working together I always had the impression that my opinions and insights mattered and were valuable. People, me included, followed him for what he represented and not because of his title. He continues to inspire me to this day”


Rory Pawl P.E., VP Newton CFV

“Adam has the passion, drive and commitment to ingeniously create succinct mechanisms which pull customers deep within the technology to realize full potential. He has the systematic thought process it takes to build sound methods and solutions. His strong skills and practice of leadership complimented with creative confidence pours through every project he takes on. He brings a unique perspective that challenges status quo and lays the groundwork for new possibilities”


John Plut, Country Manager & Fluid Handling Director, FST Canada

“Adam played a huge part in the success I enjoy today. His vision and knowledge and ability to motivate others created a culture of team work and success. He is an easy man to follow. He instills confidence, trust and is keenly aware of how to create the perfect environment for shared team success. He provides the tools and knowledge to drive business forward. I am a true believer that good people do good things. Adam is a good human being and I am proud to have worked together with him”


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