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Grow the Good is a call to action. We are a team of business leaders, educators and professionals on a mission to accelerate positive outcomes for people and the planet.  Our evidence-based solutions help define what good looks like and how to get there. Our models are designed to build and promote a culture of innovation and well-being that optimizes organizations and transforms communities.

Good News

Facts matter

In a world possessed by better and best, good is often overlooked and its true value not fully understood or appreciated. We are a team of educators, business leaders and professionals that have worked with the data and research around innovation, high performance teams, culture and wellbeing. The planet and its people are resilient and can yield high returns given a positive environment. We exist to help create that environment and the alignment  necessary to drive speed and positive outcomes.


When you focus on the good the good gets better.

“Gooder is Better©…together.”


Count me in!

If Collaboration is the Solution, What's the Problem?

Simon Anholt

The author of the Good Country Equation concludes, ” All the grand challenges of today are caused by the way countries and people behave. Countries compete more than they collaborate, so there are never enough resources to meet those challenges. And we still educate people in ways that only made sense before humanity became interdependent and its problems interconnected….. We can change the way that people behave in just one generation.”


“The same can be said about every organization large or small. Our success is relative to our ability to understand, inspire, motivate, collaborate and innovate together. Without alignment and partnering both internally and externally we fall short of what’s possible.”


Adam Ayres, Founding Partner


Let’s work together to make things better


How are your people doing? Forget the annual survey. The Award Winning AI Platform that promotes performance & well-being is the new standard.

Basadur Applied Innvovation

Understand. Collaborate. Innovate. Simplexity Thinking is self awareness, empathy and insight to solve problems and improve relations.

MindSuite Metrics

Big Data vs Smart Data. Humanizing Performance GPS. Results are as good as the alignment and understanding of facts related to performance and well being.

Tribal Possibilities

NY Times Best Seller integrates human metrics to create new possibilities that change lives, optimize organizations, transform communities and elevate our world.

Better together

If Not You Then Who?


World population has grown from 1 to 7.8 billion in less than 200 years. That’s mind numbing speed and complexity for the best equipped and down right devastating for those on the sidelines.

Simple solutions are the opposite of easy.

We’re on a mission to share what works and what doesn’t to create context for quality of life. Our solutions are designed to help more people thrive.

We can’t slow down the pace of change but we can help you own the impact it has on the world in your charge. 

Matthew T Taylor, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

“Adam is a thoughtful and brilliant strategist. He was personally responsible for refocusing and revitalizing the profitability & performance of one of our largest business segments. He is a leader and thrives under pressure. He develops talent. I personally observed Adam develop innovative market strategies, delineate customer and project specific tactics, and hold his team motivated & accountable.”


Behrang Karimi, Global eBusiness Manager, SKF Group AB

“Adam has the ability to break down complex scenarios and make sure goals are met rapidly even in large organizations like ours. He is true leader with a great ability to motivate others, make them feel like they are in the centre but at the same time always focus on the goals and make sure high expectations are met through collective contribution. Adam is without doubt the best leader I have met in my life”


Agneta Johansson, VP & HR Manager, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies AB, Stockholm, Sweden

“Adams leadership in good times and bad, his positive attitude to change and his way of dealing with problems make him unique as a leader. He always listened to me and made me feel important. He listens but is not afraid to take a decision”


Hamilton Marques, VP Zatkoff Seals & Packings, Detroit, Michigan

“Working with Adam were the most fruitful years of my career in terms of learning how to be a leader.  His cultural awareness, passion to succeed, creativity even in difficult times, and leadership skills are some of the elements that make him unique. While working together I always had the impression that my opinions and insights mattered and were valuable. People, me included, followed him for what he represented and not because of his title. He continues to inspire me to this day


Rory Pawl P.E., VP Newton CFV

“Adam has the passion, drive and commitment to ingeniously create succinct mechanisms which pull customers deep within the technology to realize full potential. He has the systematic thought process it takes to build sound methods and solutions. His strong skills and practice of leadership complimented with creative confidence pours through every project he takes on. He brings a unique perspective that challenges status quo and lays the groundwork for new possibilities”


John Plut, Country Manager & Fluid Handling Director, FST Canada

“Adam played a huge part in the success I enjoy today. His vision and knowledge and ability to motivate others created a culture of team work and success. He is an easy man to follow. He instills confidence, trust and is keenly aware of how to create the perfect environment for shared team success. He provides the tools and knowledge to drive business forward. I am a true believer that good people do good things. Adam is a good human being and I am proud to have worked together with him”


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